Develop Learner Outcomes / Performance Objectives
Identify behaviors, conditions, and criteria needed for performing and assessing

Techniques and Methods for Writing Objectives and Performance Outcomes
Mager format Gagne/ Briggs format ABCD (IDI) format Comparison

Techniques and Methods for Assessing Learner Outcomes
Pretests/ Posttests Performance assessment
Peer / Self-evaluation assessment strategies Portfolio assessment
Norm-referenced tests (NRTs) Criterion-referenced tests (CRTs)
Achievement tests Observation
Interviews Simulations
Essays Recall items
Recognition items Constructed answer items
Formative assessment Summative assessment

Matching Test Items to Learning Outcomes
This matrix shows the type of test item (true/false, essay, checklists, etc.) most appropriate for each type of learning (domain, motor skill, verbal information...).

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