ITEST: Game Design
Through Mentoring and Collaboration


Game Design Tools GameMaker Scratch Alice
Game Design Tools Unity Game Salad
Culture Play An educational technology consulting and development company
National STEM Video Game Challenge A video game design competition for youth
Featured Educational Products Educational Products that present and/or were created by diverse populations are featured by the Center for Digital Media Innovation and Diversity.
Games Conferences Various conferences that are held to discuss games and their impact, with a focus on education and technology.
Computer Game Design at GMU Information about the game design program at George Mason University.
Top Undergraduate/Graduate Game Design Programs Information on game design programs that are available throughout the country.
Early Identification Program at GMU A site to help middle school and high school students who have plans to go to college.
ARTLab Plus A digital media design studio for teens.
College Scholarship Search A site that lets you search for college scholarships for free.
Know How 2 Go Resources and tips for preparing for college.
Summer Programs A list of links for summer programs available for students. A resource for college preparation.
College Board A site for students and parents about college preparation and scholarships.
Princeton Review A site to help prepare for the SATs, GREs, etc.
Countdown to College (book) A book for 9th-12th grade students to help them maximize their time in high school and help prepare them for their futures.
Game Career Guide A website with information about having a career in Game Design.
College Budgeting and Financing College budgeting and financing resources recommended by the students at Amorita Charter School

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