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Steps: 5-Develop Intervention(s) > 5.4-Experiences & Meanings > 5.4.1-Influences Outside School


5.4.1 Developing interventions related to influences on students from outside school.

If you think that influences on individual students from outside school might be contributing to the puzzling situation, your intervention strategy will depend upon the particular influence(s) you have identified as relevant. In most CIP studies, trying to change an external situation (such as television programming, laws, or international influences) would be difficult at best, and would certainly involve a long, collective effort. Even if changes cannot be made in the external environment, understanding the larger context is an important part of understanding your students.

Another approach is to try to make changes at the school or classroom level that seek to support any positive external influences, address any negative external influences, or eliminate mismatches that contribute negatively to students' performance. An example of this approach is Dual Language Literacy programs designed to help high school students who arrive in the United States with little formal schooling (García, 1999). Although not without their problems, the programs García (1999) described do seem to make a difference in students' school experiences and to help them develop needed literacy skills in their native language and English, while also learning appropriate content.

If you haven't read the CIP pages for Step 5 or Step 5.4, please do so because they provide information about developing inverventions for your CIP study.

Success Stories & CIP studies Related to Students' Experiences and Meanings from Outside School

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Steps: 5-Develop Intervention(s) > 5.4-Experiences & Meanings > 5.4.1-Influences Outside School
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