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Steps: 4 Gather Information > 4.3-Mismatches Between Cultures > 4.3.2-Home Culture & Curriculum


4.3.2 Gather information about mismatches between a student's or group's home culture(s) and the school curriculum

The Funds of Knowledge for Teaching Project (González, 1995; González, Moll, & Amanti, 2004a; González, Moll, Floyd-Tenery, Rivera, Rendon, Gonzales, & Amanti, 1993; González, Moll, Tenery, Rivera, Rendon, Gonzales, & Amanti, 1995; Moll, Amanti, Neff, & González, 1992) has developed methods for teachers to collect information through home visits about the funds of knowledge in their students' households. Interviews include open-ended questions about the household's social history, labor history, social networks, and daily activities. Teachers also take extensive field notes on each home visit. A central feature of these teachers' home visits is that they enter the households as learners. This contrasts with the more typical purpose of home visits, which is for the teacher to discuss some school-related problem a student is having. González, Andrade and Carson (2001) and González, Moll, & Amanti (2004b) described the methods used for collecting information about students' household funds of knowledge.

If you haven't read the CIP pages for Step 4 or Step 4.3, please do so because they provide information about gathering information for your CIP project.

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Steps: 4 Gather Information > 4.3-Mismatches Between Cultures > 4.3.2-Home Culture & Curriculum
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