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What's New

This site presents the Cultural Inquiry Process (CIP) and provides resources for its use. The CIP was designed by Evelyn Jacob at George Mason University to help educators improve education through action research about cultural influences on students. The basic components of the site are listed in the left frame and briefly described below:

Site Tips
Provides new users with an overview of how to use the site and CIP Guidebook, explains the navigational links in the Guidebook, and provides answers to frequently asked questions.
New users should start here.
Presents the CIP action research steps (which incorporate research and theory from educational anthropology and related disciplines), CIP studies (which demonstrate how educators used the CIP to address their puzzlements), and Cultural Success Stories (which summarize research documenting positive outcomes of educational interventions based on cultural influences).
Provides support for using the CIP Guidebook, including a "work online" option that allows users to take notes about their own puzzlements while viewing the guidebook.
Provides a collection of links to other web sites that contain material valuable to educational practitioners who are dealing with culturally-based puzzlements.
Describes a graduate course (offered through the Graduate School of Education at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia) in which the CIP is taught and educational practitioners receive support in using the CIP to explore their own puzzlements.
Site Information
Contains a Site Map (listing all pages and links to those pages), information the people involved in developing the CIP and the CIP Web site, information regarding copyrights, guidelines for citing the CIP Web site, and acknowledgments.
Offers opportunities to identify bad links and other needed corrections, to provide suggestions regarding content, and to complete a brief survey about your use of the site.

CIP Web site © 1999-2004 Evelyn Jacob. All rights reserved.